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IVANE BÉATRICE BELLOCQ, composer and flutist

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Ivane Béatrice Bellocq won several Flute and Composition International Competitions, among them Radio-France and Berlin. Previously teacher at the École Normale de Paris, then director of a music school, he now devotes himself to flute and composition.

Her compositions include vocal, chamber and orchestral works, commissioned by Radio-France, Paris Châtelet Theatre, Perpignan Festival, Internationale Beethovenfest Bonn.

The Bellocq Music Schoom opened in 2011 in Mayenne (France).

Among cds (Dux) : “Obsession” (2010), “East Wind” (2014), “Melodramas” (2018)

Ivane Béatrice Bellocq studied with Roger Bourdin & Michel Debost (flute), Max Deutsch (analysis) and Olivier Greif (composition).

Ivane Béatrice Bellocq won several International Composition Competitions, among them Radio-France, others as a flutist (Paris 1987, Berlin 1988) and prizes in 6 others, including Maurice Ohana competition. Previously teacher at the École Normale de Paris, then director of Saint-Cloud’s music school (1000 pupils), she now devotes herself to flute and composition.

Ivane Béatrice’s compositions include vocal ones in English, French and Germain (texts of Tennyson, Brontë, Char, Karvovski, Dickinson, Antemanha), among them “Meduana” (300 artists) and numerous pieces with narrator, chamber and orchestral works, among them “Hallucination” for chamber orchestra, “Symphonie déconcertante” for 3 soloists, orchestra and jazz band, 2 piano trios, “Paradise is of the option” for voice and cello, “Der gelbe Klang” for trumpet, 2 pianos and 2 percussions (Festival Présences de Radio-France 2000), “Estrans” for sextuor (commissioned by Radio-France), “Le tombeau d’Olivier Greif” for piano quartet (commissioned by Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris), a string quartet (Internationale Beethovenfest Bonn 2005), a trilogy of concertos (for electric guitar, for ondes Martenot and for concret mixer, electric guitar and ondes Martenot), Lleennttoo for orchestra (Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris) and “Paysage avec ruisseau” (Landscape with brook, 2017) for flute and string orchestra.

Ivane Béatrice’s first monographic CD “Obsession” (2009) by Dux is played by J.M. Fessard clarinet, P.O. Queyras violin, P.H. Xuereb viola d’amore, É. Villeminey cello, J.C. Henriot piano, A. Thomas voice F. Calvo Mandolin and herself as a flutist. Sebaoun (in the well-known French review Classica) compared Bellocq to Dutilleux.
The 15th Bellocq’s cd “Melodramas” (collaborations of poets and composers) is issued in 2018 (Dux).